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Taking The Next Step To Financial Security

At AIP Financial Services, we serve individuals who expect excellence and have made a firm commitment to achieving financial freedom and security.

Our clients want to simplify their lives by entering into a mutually beneficial long-term partnership with a qualified and experienced retirement and estate-planning advisor they trust and who strives to keep their best interests foremost. Our clients trust us to manage their retirement plans and financial strategies so that they have more time to enjoy their retirement, family, and the activities that bring them joy.

Step 1:
Commit to seriously analyzing and evaluating your personal and professional financial situation.

Due to the ever changing economy and tax laws, it is no surprise that few people have the time to follow important developments in the tax code, benefit planning, insurance and financial products, corporate law, estate planning, retirement planning and other items which may impact one's assets, income and wealth during their retirement years. Often, successful professionals and business owners simply focus on earning more money and put off dealing with these complex issues. The end result is often high tax burdens, limited retirement planning, and no estate plans.

Our goal is to help you change that. When you understand your current finances and have a roadmap for the future, suddenly, complex issues begin to make sense and you can actively plan for a comfortable retirement. Working with a qualified advisor on a regular basis can help give you the understanding and road map you need to make sure that your retirement years are comfortable and that you are on the path to achieving the life of your dreams.

Your retirement and estate plans are just part of an overall financial plan. Few individuals who have devoted their working lives to amassing significant wealth are excited by the prospect of giving up to half their wealth to the government through estate taxes. Likewise, few family members want to be forced to sell a business or family home in order to pay those taxes. Failing to plan properly can come at a high price when Uncle Sam comes calling. In order to ensure that your legacy is safe, it is vital to have financial, retirement, and estate plans that are updated, durable, and well executed.

Step 2:
Complete a Financial Planning Questionnaire, assemble the requested documents and return them to our office for review.

Listed below are a few of the documents that may be required during our analysis:

    1. Documents:
      • Two years Personal Income Tax returns
      • Two years Business(s) Income Tax returns
      • Wills and Trust documents
      • Copies of recent Statements and Benefit summaries
      • Investment and Bank statements
      • Social Security statements
      • Life Insurance statements
    2. Business Interests
    3. Statement of Net Worth

Note: We follow industry-standard security protocols that ensure that your documents will be safeguarded under strict, confidential control during the analysis period. Your documents will be returned to you in the same condition as when provided. If you prefer, duplicate copies of your financial documents are acceptable.

Step 3:
Meet with us on a regular basis to review your personal situation. Every year there may be changes in the tax laws, interest rates, in our economy and most importantly, important life events or changes in your goals and objectives. We want to make sure that your planning is always kept up-to-date and properly executed for your specific goals and objectives.

Our first meeting is generally a get acquainted meeting. We take some time telling you about our philosophy and introduce the members of our team, and then we will ask you to tell us about yourself, your family, and your dreams, goals, and objectives for the future. Beginning with the second meeting, we inform and educate you on all the available options to meet your goals, and illustrate the potential strategies and tools available for use by you, your business and your family. The various alternatives will be based upon the information provided in the confidential financial planning questionnaire and documents.

We ask that you meet regularly with us to ensure that your plans are always up to date. Proper wealth management cannot happen in a vacuum; important life events, changes in market environments, and changes in your goals and objectives all require small course adjustments to keep your plans on track.