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Long-Term Care Planning

It’s the subject nobody wants to think about, but the simple truth is that most of us will need some form of assistance with our daily living needs prior to death. And in many cases the cost of this assistance is the only thing that can possibly wipe out a large portion of your net worth.

Having a plan in place to cover those costs will provide peace of mind, and it may well help you to AVOID a nursing home down the road. Traditional long-term care insurance can cover such options as adult day care, assisted living and even in-home care, and help you remain where you want to be.

There are other options, too. Many life insurance policies will allow the death benefit to be utilized ahead of time to cover long-term care expenses. There are even annuities that include enhanced benefits to help pay for the cost of care. Best of all, all of these options cover care that takes place outside a nursing home.

Talk to Brian about which long-term care plan is best for you and your family.